Monday, November 17, 2008

This Saturday November 22nd at Broadway East

Here is the flier for the Afterparty we're hosting for Eske Kath's opening at LaViola Bank Gallery this Saturday, November 22nd. Oh Land will perform, and two of our favorite downtown DJs, Jeremy Grandpa and J.R. will spin the music for a marathon set. The exhibition is sponsored by the Consulate General of Denmark, and for those of you with a secret (or not so secret, in my case) Scandinavian fetish, now is your chance to O.D. on contemporary Danish art and culture. I hope you can make it!

We've already posted most of the information in a previous entry this week, but I thought I would put up some more pictures of Nanna from Oh Land, wearing costumes that she made for her various performances---truly a girl after our own heart!


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