Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They Came Down From The North: Eske Kath and Oh Land Gallery Opening & Afterparty at LaViola Bank Nov. 22

Oh Land's Nanna

God we're doing a lot of collaborations right now!  Not only are we freaking out about getting to meet Lulu this week, but we're almost petrified with excitement at the upcoming afterparty we're hosting for the LaViola Bank Gallery's next opening of the solo exhibition of Danish artist Eske Kath.  The November 22nd opening will include a performance by the artist, and afterwards, The 66S Girls with throw the afterparty right next door at Broadway East, which will feature a live show by Eske's girlfriend, Nanna, and her band Oh Land. It should be stunning, considering that Nanna is known for her elaborate visual expression, her costumes, and her choreography.  Please check out her music on MySpace, I'm sure you will be blown away.  More details on the event to come, but in the meantime you can partake in helping install the exhibition.   Here are the details that Allegra gave me:

Our next artist- Eske Kath- is constructing a giant installation of an earthquake/fish in the middle of the gallery. We'll be working next week to construct the earthquake floor, fish's back and other elements of the installation- including the small city that Eske will destroy during his performance at the opening.

This is your opportunity to BE A PART OF ART!

This thrilling time will include:

-Power tools
-Forrest Cole in the role of Overseer


Stop by LaViola Bank at 179 East Broadway if you would like to help out.

The cover art of Oh Land's debut album Fauna, featuring Nanna shot by Eske Kath.

Eske Kath during one of his performance pieces.

One of Eske's previous exhibitions featuring his paintings and installations.


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