Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sui Generis

The Sale:  Anna Sui's annual sample sale featuring past season items at steep discounts of up to 80% off retail.  The sale is at 250 W.39th St, 18th Floor, and is open through Friday, November 7th from 8—9:30am, 11:30am—2:30pm, 4:30—7pm

The Strategy:  Anna always goes all out and offers true sample sale prices that can't be beat, so it's worth heading over right now, and snatching up some of the one of a kind samples that are selling $25 for a skirt and $50 for a dress, before all of the good stuff disappears.   A burnout dress similar to the one above from the Fall 08 show was selling for around $130. There are plenty of T-shirts for $5 and decorated T's for $10 (they normally sell for $80+), and lots of knits starting at $35.  The prices will probably go down even more on Friday, so if you're looking for an even better bargain, you might want to hold out till then.
The Stuff: Since most of the clothes were past season merchandise, I already own most of the clothing that I like, and left empty handed.  Christina was more successful, and picked up a long sheer nude ruffled skirt sample for $25 that she plans on wearing as a dress.  She also got a thick black wool skirt for $25.

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Pammy said...

thanks so much for the link, guys!
nicolette- it was so great to meet you! You're one snazzy lady. Sorry I couldn't make it on Tuesday...I could not tear myself away from cnn