Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seven's Deadly Scents

The entire Six Scents Set.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Seven, to take a peek at the wares, and sniff the new scents that they recently released in collaboration with six of their designers: Jeremy Scott, Preen, Gareth Pugh, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Bernard Willhelm, and Cosmic Wonder Light Source. After my recent experience trying out Boudicca's foray into perfume, Wode, I was looking forward to see what other cult designers had to offer. After a round of sniffing, I found myself particularly enamoured with Preen's clean, crisp "Teen Spirit." The idea was to capture the scent of an English Garden after the rain, without being too sweet, and I think they managed to nail it, without smelling like a fusty air freshener or your granny's underwear closet. Whether or not they managed to capture the teenage rebellion associated with the grunge anthem of the same name is debatable, but it definitely has earned a space on my ever-growing holiday wishlist.

Other highlights of the collection are Jeremy Scott's "Illicit Sex", which is as sultry and sexually charged as the name implies, and Alexandre Herchcovitch's "Urban Tropicalia" which is as bold and colorful feeling (if you think of it in a very synesthetic way) as his designs. The perfumes, which cost $85 each, or $450 for the entire series of six, has the added bonus of benefiting DIFFA- Design Industries Foundations Fight A.I.D.S., and is available online via the Seven Website.

The trippy box for Gareth Pugh's "Diagonal" Perfume.
The box for Cosmic Wonder Light Source's "The Spirit of the Wood" Perfume


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lulu said...

My "old hat" bought the last box of Gareth P's when I went with him. The box is rad, yes! And the scent is really really sexy.

eugenia semjonova said...

oh ladies ladies, Illicit Sex was the BEST thing for the nose of your truly...have you been to CB I Hate Parfume in n round Bedford? It's a nice olfactory experience ranging from Russian Tea Room Caravan Smells to the more enigmatic "Inside of a leather Glove" pr "Rubber" smells. OH, if only they had little bodttles for my little budget!