Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scandinavia Now!

Nakkna black wool sculpture jacket with pleated details at the shoulders and waist $373

Since Jimmy and I are waiting on his greencard papers to come through, we haven't been able to go back to his first home (and my second home), Stockholm, for the past year. Friends and family are what we miss the most, but I also have to admit, I get truly depressed when I think about missing out on all the amazing contemporary Swedish designer collections, which are difficult to come by stateside.  Therefore I was ecstatic this morning when I got a message in my inbox announcing that +46, a Stockholm based group that presents progressive Scandinavian fashion, and which hosts trade shows and competitions, has launched a new online store featuring some of my favorite designers.  The aim of the website is to offer some "raw, up-north talent internationally," which ranges from "must-knows" to "best kept secrets," and includes Ann Sofie-Back, Diana Orving, Carin Wester, and Nakkna.

As an added benefit, the store is offering a 20% discount on all orders during it's first week, and even though shipping to the U.S. doesn't come cheap (around $28), non-E.U. residents can shop tax-free though a separate website, which guarantees an extra 25% discount.

Nakkna fake leather cape jacket with mid-length sleeves $373

Julian Red cotton and wool knitted forest dress $180

Diana Orving draped cotton dress $128

Ann Sofie-Back knee-length twist skirt $193

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1 comment:

thesearchforchic said...

I love the Scandinavian aesthetic.. I guess it's because I have grown up there, so it's much more than fashion for me.
Thanks for the info!