Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sample Sale Insanity

The Surface 2 Air dress that I'm hoping will be at the sample sale this Friday

So, there's not so much time to post, since Christina and I are busy knitting up some Rodarte style outfits for this Saturday's Event at Broadway East (see the flier in the previous post), but in the few free moments I have, we've been hitting up all the sample sales that have been starting extra early this season due to the seemingly endless economic downturn.  Here is the scoop so far, for those of you in the New York area:

The Sale: Acne/Filippa K/Nudie Jeans through Thursday, November 20th, 11am—8pm. 33 W 26th St between Broadway and Sixth Aves.
The Strategy: There's plenty of stock, but it's still priced pretty high.  $100 for a pair of jeans, $100-$150 for a dress, and around $200-$300 for their sample shoes and boots, making it a little more than 50% off retail.  Maybe it will go down tomorrow...
The Stuff: I was slightly tempted by a ribboned bustier top that looked a lot like the pieces I saw in the Steinunn SS09 show, but it seemed like a frivolous buy, and I left empty handed since the entire sale it didn't seem like much of a steal to me.

The Sale: Martin Margiela and Sophia Kokosalaki through Thursday, November 20th. 10am—7pm. 220 W 19th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, 11th floor
The Strategy: Again, there's plenty of stock, but it only seems marked down around 60%.  I actually saw pieces from the SS08 collection that I had bought for half of the sales price many months ago, so I was pretty disappointed to see that the in store markdowns were significantly better than the sample sale.  Hopefully it will be marked down more tomorrow, but don't expect a fire sale.
The Stuff: Once again, I left emptyhanded, even though I was tempted to buy one of their puffy leather handbags ($300) or the giant rectangular shaped pillow soft mufflers ($200), while everything else remained out of my price range.  Still, Madeleine got a really beautiful grey wool coat from MM6 for around $280, and a teal sweater dress that will be perfect for winter.

The Sale: Surface to Air from Friday to Thursday, November 21st, 12pm-7pm. 5 Crosby Street Suite 6D
The Strategy: I will probably go early in the hopes of getting a few items that I already have had in mind all season, and which I'm praying will make an appearance at the sale.
The Stuff: I'm hoping to pick up one of their graphic silk dresses, and maybe a bag and some Christmas presents.  They will have men's and women's  samples from current and past seasons, jewelry and handbags.


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Sarah A. said...

In case they dont have it there, here is a little helper. They have it on this site: and this code: PFW2008 will get you 30% off! I got the email this morning and noticed that dress and then saw this blog post so...there ya have it!