Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Dirty Palillo

Aapo wearing Daniel Palillo's oversized comedy/tragedy sweatshirt.

When Aapo arrived at my apartment yesterday night for an impromptu sleepover party, I couldn't help but gawk at the oversized Daniel Palillo comedy/tragedy sweatshirt that he had on. The gigantic smiley face on the front, and the frown face on the back made Aapo look like a walking cartoon character, and I couldn't help but laugh as a living Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sauntered around my living room and lounged on my sofa.  I immediately demanded that he tell me everything he knew about his fellow Finnish fashion designer and acquaintance.

Apparently, Palillo's latest collection was influenced by an odd confluence of tragicomedy and American hip-hop culture.  The result is a melding of enormously oversized and baggy sweatshirts and T-shirts that reference an exaggerated hip-hop silhouette, mainly rendered in a variety of jersey, sweatshirt material, and basketball jersey and netting, with jokey Shakespearean theater and gothic iconography.  For example, a baggy t-shirt bears the image of a Marie Antoinette style bouffant coiffed skull, a harlequin's ruffles are rendered in basketball netting, and of course, the gigantic comedy/tragedy sweatshirt.  One of the funniest pieces is another oversized sweatshirt that reads O.D.P. rather than O.D.B, which stands for Ol' Dirty Palillo.  Even though the clothes are modeled by skinny Finnish hipsters, I would kill to bring the collection back to its roots, and the people who influenced it---imagine our bouncers at Happy Endings wearing these sweatshirts!  Next time we have to dress those big guys up for an event, we'll be calling on Daniel Palillo.

The backside of the comedy/tragedy sweatshirt

The SS09 lookbook.

The video of the SS09 show

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