Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Ode To Bad Taste

The Comme des Garcon Fall 08 look that served as inspiration: a deconstructed ruffle blouse with a bra worn over it .

We're officially counting down the days to the Comme Des Garcons for H&M collaborations to hit stores, when we will gather before dawn for an epic line wait, and then scuffle with other women in a 15 minute frenzy that will guarantee to leave the store bare.  In the meantime, I have settled on doing a a little CDG-DIY to keep my thumbs from twitching idly.  I've had this pink ruffled tuxedo shirt in the toss-pile for months, when I economically decided to "shop my closet" as the recessionistas say.  I decided to cut out the front of the shirt out, leaving only the ruffled button panel, in a style inspired by CDG Fall 08 show.   Rei Kawakubo said the collection was an ode to bad taste of sorts, citing that bad taste can also have design validity.  I suppose I must be really into bad taste then, since I've pretty much committed each look to memory, and made sundry attempts at imitation.  I finished off the look by layering a ruffle bra over the shirt, echoing the many ruffles that came down the runway.

The original Lux shirt before deconstruction.

Wearing my deconstructed ruffle shirt with Acne shorts, a ruffled bra, and Burberry boots.  Christina wears a vintage fur coat, Aapo's T-shirt, and an Antti Asplund cross necklace.


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alfie said...

i cant beleive i just found out about your blog. its great and im linking it xo


"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

i'm obsessed. i love when girls show off cute bras. adorable.

Theresa said...

you both look amazing and your blog is very addictive, love it