Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keep It Like A Secret: Melissa Shoes Samples Sale

I know this a little far in advance, but after all the excitement generated after our visit to the Melissa Shoes Showroom, I thought I would give everyone a little early notice on the upcoming Sample Sale.  I'm hoping to get some of the Vivienne Westwood shoes that we previewed in the showroom, as well as some of their super-comfortable flats (perhaps the famous plastic brogues?), that are suitable for all weather.  The shoes are always very reasonably priced, but it will be nice to get them at an extra discount.  For a preview go to the Melissa Plastic Dreams website.


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1 comment:

Lani said...

thanks for posting this! i love Melissa shoes! i did an iWant post on my blog a little while back before finding a pair of Vivenne Westwoods in chicago last week -

also, just wanted to say fantastic party last night with Oh Land. she was divine!