Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here they Comme

If you're like me and the other hundreds of people already lined up and knocking down H&M's door, you still have an hour and a half to kill before you can worm your way through the throng of dedicated fashionistas. Thank God for Blackberrys. Here's some things to think about to pass the time:

-These H&M collabo opening shit shows always require some athleticism. I recommend doing some warm-ups and stretches. Luckily I'm underneath scaffolding at the 5th ave flagship. Impromptu ballet barre??

-Hopefully you're more prepared than me and have studied the look book and come up with a game plan. If not, don't worry! Just get within earshot of the closest legit-looking fashionista and hear hers. All is fair in love and CDG.

-Cutters: Same as above, all is fair! With that being said, all my friends are assholes and I'm totally holding a place for them.

Alright kids, good luckkkkk!!!

Xoxo nicollette

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