Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Book of Aapo

Count Aapo in the Middle.  Christina and I wear Count Aapo shirts, fishnet thigh highs from the district, and biker gloves from Astor Place.

Even though I'm still reeling with jealousy after talking on the phone with Nicollette and hearing about all the Paper Magazine craziness that is going on in L.A. right now, and then reading the post below to hear that all my favorite retailers from around the country are gathered under one roof, we do have a very good consolation prize.  Aapo is back in town from Finland for two weeks, and he comes bearing gifts.  For Robot Rock at Le Royale last night, we got to wear his new T-shirts, which were featured in Finnish Elle, and which bear Aapo-ized Bible style quotes.   We wore the "Blessed is the woman who gave you YSL shoes" with our matching YSL patent leather platforms, naturally.  He has promised to mail us the T-shirts that say "And Jesus replied: Give me some french fries bitch" which are currently out on another press run.  Aapo also brought me a blazer with similar shoulder ruching to the Rodebjer jacket that I wrote about earlier.

Vintage Danish extra-long blazer with ruched sleeves, Count Aapo T-shirt, Kova & T lace leggings, Rachel Comey boots, and an Antti Asplund necklace.


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