Monday, November 10, 2008

And the sky was made of amethyst...

Shelley performing with Violet Hour

Yesterday, Violet Hour had their first performance at The Annex, fronted by our friends Shelley and Chris, with a guest appearance from James on vocals, to keep it all in the family.  Like a dorky parent, I took some fuzzy photos on my iphone, while standing unabashedly in the front row with Christina while the rest of the audience maintained the practiced distance exercised at most indie concerts.  In celebration of this momentous event, I wore various shades of purple, including a dress that Christina made for 66S a couple of weeks ago (she will post the instructions soon!).  She originally was inspired by Miu Miu FW08 when she was making the dress, but at Barneys Co-op, I spied an Alexander Wang dress that Christina hadn't seen before that also looks pretty similar.  Still, I like ours better...

Six Six Sick zipper front color block dress, Generra long sleeved T-shirt, Chloe shoes, and a Gerard Yosca necklace.

A similar purple silk Alexander Wang dress with black trim detailing.

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