Tuesday, November 11, 2008

66S <3s Lulu Chang This Friday at Robot Rock

Who's that girl? Lulu wears an H&M cape, Topshop boots, J Brand jeans, leather gloves

When Shelley offered to introduce us to her good friend Lulu Chang, and we had no idea who she was, it just went to show what newbies we are at this whole fashion blog thing.  All of you bloggers out there who are reading this are probably like, "What?  Seriously?  You didn't know Lulu!?"

Well, after a quick online introduction, and taking a peek at Lulu's various online projects, starting with Everybody Is Ugly at Chictopia.com, and now her new personal blog Lulu and Your Mom, it was easy to see that Lulu is one of the best fashion bloggers out there, and doubtlessly has inspired thousands of other people to go online and write about their outfits, their style, and their love for fashion.  What I like best about Lulu's work, is that it's so oriented towards encouraging other people to be creative about fashion, to embrace and promote their personal style and interest, and most importantly develop a community around that for support, dialogue, and inspiration.  For anyone who has ever criticized fashion blogs for being solipsistic and self-serving, I could happily send them over to Chictopia to see a network of people from around the world, some in isolated areas, who have now been given access to a group of like-minded people that they might not have access to otherwise.  Therefore it is with great pleasure that we welcome Lulu to New York, to meet her in person, and to have her guest host Robot Rock with us this Friday at Le Royale.  Please come out and join us, and make sure to say Six Six Sick or Lulu's name at the door for free entry!

Lulu-vision by Lion-mane.


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