Sunday, October 26, 2008


On our way to the garment district I had a Prada inspired lace look in my head, but as I rummaged through the bins of boring lace ( many bolts were on the border of curtains or table cloth) I found this amazing violet stretch lace. Nicollette added that this would be fitting because the club is called Plum, so in the end we had a supper tight Betsy Johnson throwback.

We bought strapless bras from H and M to build off.Then I cut a basic Tube dress, sewed up the seams ( French seams for stability ) and then Cut and tacked the fabric to the cups of the bra.
We finished the look with a red bow belt and red pumps. Easy!

Betsey JohnsonAlso Betsey Johnson. This look is kind of scary, but so similar!

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