Thursday, October 23, 2008

plumm crazy

TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!! Our new party downstairs at Plumm starts tonight and I could not be more excited! Although I love to host my friends' parties and get all the revelers stoked to be there, its been really fun working on our own party.. picking the djs, recruiting our friends to be the bar staff, even getting budding artist, notorious party girl, and one of my bestiesssssss JR to do the flyer anddddd dj!

We first met one night in summer '07 at Beatrice. We were jumping around and falling all over the place and ruining everyone's night.... needless to say if you know anything about me, we became fast friends. Since then, I've hired her at Screaming Mimis and she's one of our besttttt stylists and salesgirl. In the last year, she's become THE girl to shoot if you want a cool editorial (at least, INTERVIEW, PAPER, VICE, and MISSBEHAVE magazines seem to think so), and an authority on personal style. She's inspired everyone in downtown to mix the hypersexual with the dumpy, and wear that Reynolds Farm (her fam's farm in NJ) with black lace-trimmed thigh-highs. Also, look out for her flourishing art career! Come March, Vans is shipping JR, Neckface, Todd Jordan, Tino Razo, A-Ron, Jerry Hsu, Spanky, and Curtis out to Tokyo to share their BBM photo show. Thats mah girl!!!

xo nicollette

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