Saturday, October 11, 2008

Night at the Museum

Last night, Thomas Onorato invited the Six Six Sick Girls to attend One Step Beyond, a party held on the first Friday of every month at the Natural History Museum. Knowing that Thomas only does press for the best events in town, we zipped uptown before our session at Robot Rock. Thrown by the same people who brought you First Fridays at the Guggenheim Museum, each night features music spun by DJs like Simian Mobile Disco and Kid Sister, in the literally heavenly setting of the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Yesterday featured Matti Safer from The Rapture, who DJed under a fake celestial sky of twirling overhead projections of the moon.

While I previously associated nightlife at the Natural History Museum with nerdy private school students dropping acid and watching the Pink Floyd lightshow (hey, not everybody on the Upper East Side was a Gossip Girl), I have to say, the museum has done a lot to revamp their image since I was in high school. There certainly isn't a better place in Manhattan to have a rave. I'm just hoping that one day they'll ask us to guest-host...

The onscreen projections were so Dries Fall 08. Christina wears a Uniqlo plaid shirt over a Dries Van Noten sheer men's button down.

Drinks with the dinosaurs. I wear a Topshop fringed jacked, an American Apparel dress, a Six Six Sick Necklace, and Kova and T lace leggings.

Lunacy! Nicollette wears a Screaming Mimi's black slip and a Six Six Sick necklace.

Six Six Sick Girls on the moon!

Behind the DJ booth, where Matti Safer of the Rapture was spinning.


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