Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monster Mash

A big thank you to Racked.com for their write up of our blog today. My current freelance job involves doing plenty of retail research, which is what I use as an excuse for surfing sites like Racked and Refinery29 all day long. Today, while looking for other contemporary jewelry designers who might sell to similar markets as the ones I currently represent, I stumbled upon Arielle De Pinto's jewelry line, which is an obsessive compulsive collection of intricately crocheted face masks. I am already familiar with De Pinto's babychain, that magically is transmogrified via crochet into pretty chain mail ruffles. While I appreciate the intricacy of the work, knowing that crocheting chain is no ordinary task, I've always found the work a little bit too delicate to fit my personal style. However, these half-monster, half-tribal crochet masks, on the other hand, have duly impressed me. The contrast between the ugly subject matter rendered in soft, sweet knit strikes a chord with those who are lovers of the jolie-laid, the beautiful-ugly, and the odd string of convulsive sentiments that are born out of such vivid visual contradictions.


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