Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Melissa: Shoes to Live In, Philosophies to Live By

Wearing our favorite Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. I wear a Coven dress, husband's Lacoste cardigan, YSL belt, Look From London plaid tights, Arms and Armory necklace, and pearls from the district. Christina wears a Zara jacket, Uniqlo plaid shirt, Forever 21 dress, American Apparel leggings, pearls from the district, and an Obama button.

Last week, we stopped by the Melissa Shoe Showroom to visit Katie, and view the new SS09 Melissa collections. As most of you know, Melissa is a Brazilian based plastic shoe company known both for its fun, practical, weather proof footwear, as well as its ongoing fashion forward designer collaborations with Alexander Herchcovitch, Zaha Hadid, Judy Blame (!!!), and now, Vivienne Westwood. In addition to being the most comfortable and fashion friendly rain shoes you'll find on the market, Katie informed us that the shoes are made of 30% post-consumer waste, and in most cases, are completely recyclable once you take out the removable insole. The company is also dedicated to fair trade and manufacturing processes, which adds to the general sense of guilt-free consumption. Retail pricepoints hover around $50-$150 (with a few crystal-encrusted exceptions), and most styles will be available at Brooklyn store, Epaulet, this spring. Really, you can't get more 66S than a pair of campy, plastic Vivienne Westwood pumps that can be sponged off after a night out on the town. I'll take two!

Top row: Vivienne Westwood T-strap heel with toe-indentations. Bottom row: our favorites, the Vivienne Westwood pumps with giant hearts. I'm ordering the white and red pair.

Vivienne Westwood flats with three ankle straps.

Luxury Melissa: J. Maskrey's crystal studded peep-toe flats and thongs

These much blogged about Alexander Herchcovitch brogues look super cute on, and the black pair are easily mistakable for patent leather.

While Zaha Hadid's architecturally inspired, aerodynamic shoe has been reviled by many as 'the ugliest shoe ever,' it actually looks pretty cool and dynamic when you wear it, simulating the impression of velocity and movement. Even as a static, sculptural object, the shoe is reminiscent of Umberto Boccioni's 'Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.' Not many people want to wear a Futurist statue on their foot, but as the daughter of two Architects, I can't help but feel the love...

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Sarah A. said...

Are those last pair available for sale anywhere yet? Ive been looking for weeks now!

Amanda said...

I don't think they are the last pair, but they are hard to find. This one store in Seattle has some different styles:


travinia said...

i agree mellisa shoes are the best! i've been looking for the vivien westwood ones too! they are to die for!

Cathy R said...

These shoes are amazing. Want to know what stores carry them. Can I order online?

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Hey Ladies! In New York, I think Epaulet in Brooklyn has the biggest selection of Melissa Shoes. You can find the stocklist for New York and the rest of the US here:


Call your local store and ask them to order your favorite styles for spring!


Shop Info: said...

hey six six sick.. we at Alter would like to say thanks for the write up! So kind of you!
We would love to let you know as well that we will be stocking Alexander's brogues in black/ white combo (Agnes Dean's favorite) along with of course the Vivienne Westwood glitter heel. Both should be here in December! We cant wait.

lingozero said...

I have been searching for the Aqua 3 Strap Flats for almost a year! They are so gorgeous, I can't believe you took a picture of them in person. IN NYC!

I probably will never find them :( At least I have the lilac ones <333