Monday, October 6, 2008

Look Who's Shopping...

A silver lining to the looming recession: the See by Chloe Sample Sale is in near sight!!!

As the market continues its downward spiral, everyone seems to be tightening their pursestrings, whether they work on Wallstreet or not. In the most perfectly elucidated opinion article about the recession that I've read thus far (but, sadly, which I can't seem to find online), a New York Times writer commented that there is no joy seeing the hedge fund fat cats and their former fratboy brethren taking huge blows, because, at the end of the day, it seems like they are taking every last one of us down with them. While the artist class once watched with spite as the wealthy grew exponentially wealthier, we realize now, at the nadir of New York's Golden Age, that due to the most unfortunate functions of our ultra-Capitalist infrastructure, our fates our hopelessly entwined with those who once loomed in a class that seemed a whole universe away. Who, for example, will donate their excess of income to our museums and support the arts? Who will investing their extra wads of cash to keep our emerging fashion designers bankrolled?

So, is there a silverlining? Well, let's start by looking into our own pocketbooks (which I was planning on replacing a couple of weeks ago with an Alexander Wang, but now am clinging to for dear life). Maybe now isn't the best time to think or talk about going shopping, but I was making the rounds yesterday through the East Village and the Lower East Side. As expected, the streets were startlingly quiet for a beautiful Sunday afternoon and boutiques were almost completely empty. That is, with the exception of second hand designer consignment stores INA, Toyko 7, and Tokyo Joe, which all seemed unusually packed with sharp-elbowed women vying for their second hand (and severely discounted) Fall wardrobes. And shop they should, since all the stores seemed to be jam packed with a delicious selection of CC, LV, and MJ cast offs, probably from some former bankers trying to make a quick buck. I suppose one woman's misfortune is another woman's Balenciaga bootie.

If it's bargains you want, there are plenty of bargains to have, and I expect that many retailers with be discounting their goods earlier this season to increase the flow of dust-collecting merchandise. This is still a ways off, but in the meantime, for those of you who are swearing off paying retail, but still can't shake of that nasty urge to spend, here are some upcoming online sample sales to get you going:

Nina Ricci- October 9th at Gilt Groupe
See by Chloe- October 9th at Gilt Groupe
Marc by Marc Jacobs- October 10th at Rue La La
Alessandro Dell'Acqua- October 10th at Gilt Groupe


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sherry said...

Don't forget about They have a Sass & Bide sale going on right now. Who doesn't love Sass & Bide?