Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finland Forever

Wearing my Antti Asplund Cross Necklace with a Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair top.

Last night at Six Six Sick, we greeted our new friend Ossi, who just arrived from Finland.  A friend of our two favorite boys in Helsinki, Antti Asplund and Count Aapo,  he reminded us of how much we missed our Scandinavian friends, as well as their immense talent.  You can stockpile all the designer clothing that you want, but it can never compare to wearing something amazing created by people you know and care about.  Which is why I was so happy when Ossi took the Antti Asplund Cross Necklace off his neck and gave it to me.  I have been trying to get ahold of one of Antti's dresses for a while now, but since my traveling back and forth from Scandinavia is quite spotty now, it's been a little difficult to figure out.

Antti's work is largely Gothic, and infused with a sense of high drama.  Through his lush and imaginative designs, he encourages people to bring the fantastic into their everyday lives, and often attempts to create stories that are partially narrated by the clothes he makes for each of his collections.  His first collection of Funeral Dresses therefor is a collection of austere, yet starkly modern take on mourning attire, while his second collection, Goombas, was inspired by Nintendo video games, and is rendered in bright colors and playful ballooning silhouettes that referenced childhood memories.  Currently Antti only sells his work in Scandinavia and Japan, including his own store in Helsinki, and Pub, one of my favorite stores in Stockholm. Hopefully, both Antti and his collection will be making it stateside soon...

A balloon dress from the Goomba Collection, with matching Goomba needlepoint pins.

My personal favorite, a dress from the Lines Collection.

A Poison Gardens dress, worn with the trademark Cross Necklace.

A very Gothic dress from the Vapour Collection. 

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Dane said...

Oh man I so want that balloon dress.