Friday, October 17, 2008

Snoring at The Sartorialist, Tipsy at T-Mobile...

The Raconteur's lead singer, Brendan Benson, performing last night at the T-Mobile G1 Launch party.

Yesterday, after finally seeing the Gothic Darkness Exhibition at F.I.T. (which was phenomenal), Christina and I headed uptown to the Gant store for The Sartorialist Party, featuring the photographs that Scott Schuman shot of select New Yorkers wearing their own clothes mixed with Gant's pieces.  As any of my Swedish in-laws will be quick to tell you, Gant was originally a Swedish company, even though it bears absolutely no resemblance to Stockholm's mostly progressive fashion, and has always attempted to maintain an all-American aesthetic along the lines of Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers.

For some reason, most of the attendees decided to don head-to-toe Gant attire, which made the store look like it was swarming with salespeople, and lent the entire party the air of a Gant employee party rather than a fashion event.  The small selection of pictures was relegated to the third floor, and mostly obscured by the crowds.  We hid downstairs and shamelessly snacked on the pumpkin martinis and the tiny grilled cheese sandwiches infused with truffle oil and horseradish.  It's not a very good sign when the clothes are being overshadowed by the food, and the employees are selling clothes with the pitch, "If you think about it, you can really style this to look like a Thom Browne!"  Sorry, but I prefer the real thing.

Of course the real feast and festivities were to be had downtown at Skylight Studios, at the much less glamorous sounding T-Mobile G1 launch party, which was being organized by our friend Rich Thomas.  The fete featured a bar full of fancy cocktails, food from three continents, a Japanese junk food bar, an area where you could test out all the gadgets on the new G1 phone, and a live performance by Jack White's new band The Raconteurs.  Unfortunately, too many fruity-flavored martinis and Japanese gummy candies will get to a girls head, and mid-concert, I was ready to head to bed.  Tomorrow night we're hosting Mr. Black with Telfar, more news on that to come.  Another day, another party...

One of The Sartorialist & Gant Exhibition photographs on auction last night.

Last night's outfit, inspired by the Gothic Darkness Exhibition at F.I.T.: a vintage coat, Fendi dress, Forever 21 lace cardigan, and Gerard Yosca necklaces.

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