Monday, October 20, 2008

Count Aapo <3s French Fries & YSL Shoes

"And Jesus Replied: Give Me Some French Fries Bitch"- The Book of Aapo

"Blessed is the woman who gave you YSL shoes" is just one of the many strange, and somewhat nonsensical phrases that has come out of Aapo Nieminen's mouth, and which is now emblazoned on one of the signature T-shirts from his line, Count Aapo. I used to think that something was lost in translation between Finnish and English, but I eventually realized that Aapo is actually just really weird. Nonetheless, it only adds to his off kilter charm, and we've fallen in love with everything Aapo, whether he is telling tales of all the strange ways Finnish people die (for example, falling asleep in the sauna and baking to death), or taking us to the very backwood discos of his hometown of Tampera (kind of like Tampa, but in Finland, and with more knives). Now, we can add the his inimitably phrased T-shirts and clothing line to the list of reasons why we adore Aapo.  Apparently, other people are falling in love too, and in the very small country of Finland, Aapo has become somewhat of a local celebrity, appearing in newspapers giving styling tips with fellow designer friend Antti Asplund, modeling self-styled editorials from his thrift store finds, and now, most recently, having his designs featured in Finnish Elle Magazine.  Congratulations Aapo!  The Six Six Sick Girls expect you to be sending us some new Tuesday night outfits soon!

Two looks from the Count Aapo lookbook, modeled by none other than Count Aapo himself.

"Blessed is the Woman Who Gave You YSL Shoes" T-shirt featured in Finnish Elle Magazine.


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