Thursday, October 30, 2008

Champagne Tastes Better When You Sip It Through Swirly-Straws

Nicollette (center) wears a vintage dress from Screaming Mimi's. Christina (left) and I (right) both wear Forever 21 dresses and Gerard Yosca necklaces.

Last week before Six Six Sick, we decided we needed some shoes, since our battle-torn Pleasers are on their last party legs. After a somewhat disturbing visit to the Forever 21 website, where Christina found an exact replica of her black SS08 Prada boots, and I found a pretty close knockoff of my SS08 Chloe colorblock sandals, we got over our momentary horror, and decided that it might be a better idea to buy the cheap fake shoes anyway. Having a previous record of completely destroying designer shoes in the past (both of us have matching pairs of YSL gladiator sandals snapped in half), we realized that it would be better to buy some party shoes that we had absolutely no attachment to. Plus, as Christina pointed out, jank shoes already have a rubber sole, so you don't have to go to the cobbler's to have one attached, something which is de rigueur when you're investing in designer shoes. We settled on the canary-yellow satin round-toe ankle strap pumps, that were an exact replica of a Prada SS08 style that was last seen cluttering up the Barney's Warehouse sale.

Of course, on our mission to buy the shoes, we got swept up in the jank-tasticness of Forever 21, tripping over a hitlist of last season's (and some of this season's) designs, and a game of name-the-designer-of-influence naturally ensued. Swimming through a sea of cheap Prada inspired lace and fake YSL booties, we found some surprising Rick Owens knockoffs, and then, something we couldn't resist---a fake Herve Leger bandage dress. Now, just so you know, we have been so enamored with the Leger dress that we have even made our own 66S version out of real bandages. While the Leger sells for upwards of $1000, the Forever 21 version is a trifle at $22. Pushing aside any residual sense of morals, and the little voice in our heads (actually that was Dom's voice) saying, "that's bad fashion karma!" it was a fashion snack that couldn't be resisted. We haven't bought our outfits in a long time, and believe it or not $22 is a lot of money for a 66S outfit, since we can usually make three outfits from the fabric we could buy for the same amount of money. Sometimes though, it's nice to save some sweat, and play dress up in someone else's clothes. Here are some pictures from the night courtesy of Nicky.


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"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

this post is hilarious. i am the biggest most shameful advocate for cheap shoes. forever and are my guilty pleasure stops for shoes.