Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This weekend I explored Greenpoint with Justin and found that the neighborhood has changed so much since I used to call it home. It is now littered with cafes, record shops and amazing small boutiques with great prices. Greenpoint has all of this including my favorite polish bakeries! Here are some pics of Alter, my favorite store in the area. They recently opened their women's store located across the street at 140 Franklin St. near Greenpoint Ave. The store carries mostly independent labels and mixes in some vintage. I f you are in town you must stop by, but if not check out their blog www.alterbrooklyn.blogspot.com, where you can shop through all of their merchandise!
The women's boutique across the street
Below are some editorial shots of Alters merchandise taken in the neighborhood.

Jon (left) wears: Cheap Monday Beck Coat, Half Life cardigan, Cheap Monday Tee, Cheap Monday Autobahn Jeans, Zuriick Thomas Boot, Spitfire DNA Cowboy Sunglasses
Ryan (middle) wears: U.S. Rags reconstructed motorcycle jacket, Penfield Chatham flannel, U.S Rags strip U-Neck tee, Alex & Chloe spike necklace, Cheap Monday Straight Fits, vintage boots.
Yulia (right) wears: San Diego Hat Co. Felt Bowler, Preloved Mildred Sweater, Triple 5 Soul Knickers and vintage shoes.

Ryan (left) wears: Vintage Dior Blazer, U.S Rags polka dot cardigan, Stiska shirt, Cheap Monday Carrot Pant, Vintage loafers, San Diego Hat Co. fedora, Kahn bag by Matt & Nat.
Jon (right) wears: Vintage Scarf, This Old Thing reconstructed waistcoat, vintage necktie, Takel shirt, Cheap Monday Mod Pant, vintage boots.


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