Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday at the Showroom

Kiel Mead's amazing collection of sterling silver jewelry made for the Mischen SS09.

Like most people, I'm not a big fan of working on the weekend---especially after a long fashion week, which we finished at Le Royale, hosting Robot Rock with DNA Models Men's Division. And when it's a choice between one decent night's sleep, or frolicking around with beautiful, confused, pouty-lipped men who barely speak any English, well---what would you choose? Luckily, weekends at fiftytwo showroom are quite fun, and I took the few moments of downtime to play dress up in some of my favorite SS09 pieces, and play with Araks's adorable baby son.
The cutest male model of them all, Araks's son pouts for the camera.

Ashley, wearing a Mischen liquor cabinet printed top and knit skirt.

A rack of Mischen clothing that peaked buyer's interest.

 Araks jacket and satin parachute shorts, Lerario Beatriz top and headband, Kiel Mead silver necklace.

Mischen silk organza asymmetrical top, Araks satin parachute shorts, Kiel Mead silver necklace.

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