Friday, September 5, 2008

Stunning STEiNUNN

This afternoon, Icelandic designer STEiNUNN presented a collection of intricately detailed, super luxurious pieces inspired by Icelandic geographical formations.   Having worked previously as a designer under Tom Ford at Gucci, and as Design Director at La Perla, Steinunn Sigurd definitely caters to a well-heeled uptown clientele.  Nonetheless, she sets herself apart from your typical Madison Avenue fare with couture like hand detailing, and there were a fair share of garments that would have many a downtown girl swooning with desire.

The entire presentation was set up at F.I.T. by James Gilespie, with a mix of mannequins and models.
A silk bolero jacket with arctic fox fur appliqued tufts, worn over a knit dress.

Models vs. Mannequins.

A model wearing frothy ivory cocktail dress and a mannequin wearing my favorite piece in the collection, a black silk bolero jacket.

A detail shot of the black silk bolero jacket with hand appliqued silk tufts.


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