Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smuttin' It Up

"Cunning Lover" 24K goldplated silver necklace
For the past week, I've been obsessively surfing the webstore for ne plus ultra British jewelry store, Kabiri. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the store, Kabiri stocks mainstays like Tom Binns, Philip Crangi, and Fenton, as well as hard to find young designers, such as Deka Ray, Sretsis, and Smutlane, my new favorite jewelry designer. Designed by Rosie Kent, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, the line "endeavors to display vulgarity in an elegant and modest fashion." In one instance, a pornographic scene is incongruously played out on a classic ceramic locket your mother might wear, in another, elegant Art Nouveau shapes reveal upon closer inspection to be a pair of female legs spread open. While the designer notes that the pieces are meant to highlight how inane sexuality has become now that vulgarity is so easily accessible, the pieces still excite, plated in 24K gold, and adorned with provocatively placed pink tourmaline. A true marriage of the precious and the profane. "Her Erogenous Zone" goldplated silver ring with pink tourmaline.
"Protecting His Never Regions" goldplated silver ring with two caged pearls.

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