Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick and Dirty Style

What kind of outfit can you make in 30 minutes flat?  Due to my absurd tardiness, we were left with half an hour to make outfits and do makeup before rushing off to Six Six Sick.  Were we up for the challenge?  Certainly.  Gathering together left-over remnants of cloth and muslin, we were inspired by the tartan plaids that sashayed down so many of the Fall runways, keeping Ralph Lauren in mind.

We started by cutting out a quick dress body, using our past Six Six Sick splatter-paint dress as a the basis for the pattern, and then ran the seams through the sewing machine.

With an extra hand from Justin, we constructed a giant sloppy ruffle from the left over muslin, by simply running a threaded needle through about 4 yards of scrunched up fabric. 

We wrapped the resulting ruffle around our necks like a collar, and finished of with plain makeup, a black belt, and tons of Christina's Arms and Armory jewelry.  And so, one of our new fall looks has arrived.  Long live fast fingers!


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