Friday, September 5, 2008

Mischen Statement

"Mischen" means "to mix" in German, and Carla Knapp is definitely a mix-master.  This season, she mixes delicate silk satin organza evening coats and blush pink frothy dresses, with tougher black lambskin leather jackets, shiny black pencil skirts with asymmetrical zippers, and liquor cabinet printed silk tops.  Inspired by a young girl coming of age and discovering her sexuality, the clothes are simultaneously girly and sexy, with an added dose of quirky confidence and attitude, without falling back on any Lolita-like cliches.

An acid yellow silk satin washed organza mini-dress with a giant pleated bow is so little-girl-with-a-big-attitude.

Three looks to take you from day to night.  From left: a basket weave coat, crepe de chine top and high waisted pajama pants are perfect daytime look; a silk organza dress with French lace trimming for some drinks with the girls; a charcoal blazer thrown over a color blocked floor length silk gown takes you through any event the evening requires.

Two pieces that I will definitely have to pre-order for Spring: a jet black glossy cotton pencil skirt with an asymmetrical metal zipper on the left, and an oyster grey silk satin washed organza evening coat with black piping on the right.

Left, a copper foil coated silk vest worn over an oyster grey silk chiffon multi-layered dress with jet beading.  Right, a gorgeous black lambskin jacket worn over a liquor cabinet print silk top and high waisted trousers.

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RedTwist said...

There's a Mischen sample sale scheduled for Sunday, 8/23/09, on Gilt Groupe. To get fast access to the website in time for the sale (it is an invitation-only website, otherwise you will haveto wait for them to accept your request to join) use the folloing url: http://www.giltgroupecom/invite/cidoneinfusco. Hope you score something beautifl!