Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Glimpse of Robert Geller

I've been looking forward to the Robert Geller show for a while, since it will probably be the only menswear show I'll get to squeeze in before I start working market week.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pictures, being that the husband wrangled the prime seats, and Ashley and I ended up in the back row somewhere, unwilling to climb over the masses of sticky boy-bodies that filled the room. For some reason, no matter how much air conditioning they can blast into a place, every show seems fated to be insufferably stuffy.  Nonetheless, I am always willing to sacrifice comfort for a bit of male-model pageantry, and it was only half way through the collection that Ashley and I realized that we should actually take a look at the clothing.  Thank god they handed out a lookbook, otherwise we might have missed the entire thing.  Not to downplay the clothing, which featured impeccably tailored suit jackets with a rakish riff-raff appeal and vests worn over bare chests to show off tattooed arms.  Think incredibly well-dressed tramp, or the no-good boys your mom always you to stay far far away from, which of course makes you want them even more.


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