Monday, September 1, 2008

dead or alive

This past weekend was Kirin's last days working at SMs, so Laura, the owner/my boss/my mentor, gave her a proper send-off by taking us to Winnie's Karaoke Bar. SOOOOO FUN!!!!! Winnie's is this total Lynch-ian, super rad  dive bar in the back alleys of Chinatown. Here's pics from the SMs mic takeover:

(By the way, how hot is my staff??!?!)

Kirin, guest of honor

JR and Savannah with some motherfuckin' attitude

Cheryl, me, and Patricia, and the Power of Love

...and the Power of Love in liquid form

my new buddy Nate who just happened to be there. I recognized 
him from going to 66SICK a handful of times.

Rocky's our newest girl. She was scouted by ANTM while 
she was on the sales floor, and now she's in the final 25 for the next season!!

Family Affair!!

Savannah, looking adorable as always

Jennelle (store manager) and Kirin 

xo! Nicollette

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