Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coolest Girl in the Cuckoo-Bin

Eyeballs were popping last night as Arlene Guerra presented her jewelry line, Pretty Young Thing in a collaborative exhibition entitled "Head Games Dress Candy" with fashion illustrator, Sara Singh.  Made of poured resin stones and shapes, in a rainbow of candy colored hues, the jewelry has the whimsy of childhood dress up, rendered in blown-up, exaggerated proportions, which the designer describes as "cartoon chic."  In fact, many of the designs for this season's collection centered around big eyeballs, some batting plastic eyelashes, staring out of the plastic jewels and baubles with a comic absurdness.  The result is a cross between a Takashi Murakami print and the plastic baubles of Barbie and Jem, and is perfect for attaining that coolest-girl-in-the-cuckoo-bin look.

An eyeball adorned bib necklace.

An oversized star necklace and a plastic cuff bearing one inquisitive looking eye. 

A pair of Sara Singh's plywood silhouettes model a rhinestone adorned star necklace.

Lovely Shelley from W.29 Showroom modeling a P.Y.T. sash from a previous season, and a Lars Anderson dress.

Holding my P.Y.T. giftbag, which matched perfectly with my Comme des Garcon dress and Six Six Sick bra top.

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