Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mi posso, tu posso

If you thought three fashion-concsh babes moonlighting as triplet nightlife hostesses was too much, your mind is going explode at 66SICK tonight when POSSO THE DJ makes it five.

Let me just say that Mary Louise (left) and Vanessa (right), the two ragernauts from LA behind Posso, are RAD AS SHIT. Not only are they totallll Bettys, they kill it behind the dj booth and on the dancefloor, and are the biggest sweethearts. You know I love that combo! They really could be the West Coast version of us: sick style, matching looks, good attitude and like Christina and Tiffany's jewelry design careers, ML and Vanessa have a gag-worthy and fetish-friendly accessories line under the moniker POSSO THE SPAT.

Needless to say, tonight is going to rule. PLUS its Mike and Peteski's HOMECOMING PARTY!! They've been on a superstar disc jockeying tour for, like, two weeks now.  It will be good to see the bros again!

l8r sk8r

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Honeymooners

Carrots serves mini carrot cupcakes while you shop.

Inspite of starting out my day with a somewhat inauspicious sprained ankle (which was directly followed by two elderly Chinese men burping at me), San Francisco has been, in almost every way, incredible. We began in the design oriented Jackson Square area, blocks away from our apartment in Nob Hill. Taking Ashley's advice, I made Carrots my first destination, with Jimmy in tow. Thankfully they had plenty of men's clothes, including a nice selection of Rag and Bone to entertain him while I snacked on their carrot cupcakes, and looked for a pair of flats for swollen ankle. Unfortunately, while their selection of Richard Chai and Stella McCartney clothing is incredible, their shoe selection was limited, and I left emptyhanded. Limping along, we made stops at Eden & Eden, a home accessories shop that carried Tatty Devine's plastic baubles and Ivana of Helsinki clothing, and AREA, a beautiful furniture store that was filled with AREAWARE's witty designs, before heading to the Castro area for lunch.

After tacos and chocolates at Chocolates on Castro, we headed to Haight Ashbury where we hit the major vintage shops. Long ago, I lost all of my patience for sifting through piles of junk for hidden treasures (I'll leave that to Nicollette, she's a professional after all), but once in a while I'll make an exception. I picked up some Look From London plaid tights at Wasteland, and then we stopped at Decades Vintage, which has the most incredible selection of clothes from the 1880's-1980's, including a breathtaking selection of hats. I was dying to pick up a tophat, but they started at $180 for the silk collapsible variety, and went up to $300 for the turn of the century beaverskin hat of my choice. I also inquired after a Paul Revere style tricorne hat, which is selling at the Marc Jacobs store right now for over $1,000, but apparently, they were all snatched up by Burning Man Festival attendees. Eep! A true fashion victim moment. I guess I will take this as a sign to skip the tricorne hat for FW08.

Acrimony in Hayes Valley.

Non-stop window shopping and a sprained ankle started to catch up to me, so we took a rest in Golden Gate Park, where drug dealers appears to be operating in a free market. We then went for a well deserved drink for Jimmy at Magnolia Gastropup and Brewery, where we shared a sweet rosebud flavored beer, and I pocketed a few of their beautifully illustrated coasters. We moved on to Hayes Valley, which is like San Francisco's Smith street, and is lined with cozy restaurants and cute boutiques. We took a look at Nida, where we tried on Opening Ceremony and Y-3 clothes we'll probably pick up back east, and then Acrimony, which stocks a reasonably priced selection of Hussein Chalayan, Stresis and Minimarket. We finished the night with happy hour drinks at Sugar Bar, which not only had $4 well drinks, but free appetizers, which left us giddy with drink, as well as with San Francisco's prices.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daphne Guiness


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With the 90's supermodel comeback filling the winter add campaigns, I had to pull this video up. I have had this song stuck in my head ever since!


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smuttin' It Up

"Cunning Lover" 24K goldplated silver necklace
For the past week, I've been obsessively surfing the webstore for ne plus ultra British jewelry store, Kabiri. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the store, Kabiri stocks mainstays like Tom Binns, Philip Crangi, and Fenton, as well as hard to find young designers, such as Deka Ray, Sretsis, and Smutlane, my new favorite jewelry designer. Designed by Rosie Kent, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, the line "endeavors to display vulgarity in an elegant and modest fashion." In one instance, a pornographic scene is incongruously played out on a classic ceramic locket your mother might wear, in another, elegant Art Nouveau shapes reveal upon closer inspection to be a pair of female legs spread open. While the designer notes that the pieces are meant to highlight how inane sexuality has become now that vulgarity is so easily accessible, the pieces still excite, plated in 24K gold, and adorned with provocatively placed pink tourmaline. A true marriage of the precious and the profane. "Her Erogenous Zone" goldplated silver ring with pink tourmaline.
"Protecting His Never Regions" goldplated silver ring with two caged pearls.

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Savant in WWD!

Congratulations Feng Feng! This Thursday, the hot pink elastic cage skirt from Savant's SS09 collection appeared in a WWD feature on Bondage themed pieces from New York Fashion Week. Unfortunately, a subscription is required to view the article, but for those of you who missed the show, please take a look at the beautiful video that Feng Feng put together. It documents the creation of several of the pieces, as well as bits and pieces of the inspiration behind the collection, such as medical braces from the turn of the century. While so many designers often resort to the same banal sartorial references from other eras without ever arriving at anything original or new, Feng Feng does the opposite, taking this somewhat unlikely and definitely unfashionable starting point, and translating the concept into something beautiful, wearable, and thought provoking. This is what defines her as a savant in her own right. Of course, we already knew that, but now the rest of the world is starting to catch on too...


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doo Ri

Here are a few photos that I took while I was assisting Benjamin at the Doo Ri show.

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"Pretend I'm a Man and Make Me A Woman"

Christina poses for test shots

Yesterday night, Christina and I headed over to a large industrial warehouse in Brooklyn for a Paper Magazine photoshoot that will appear in their annual nightlife issue.  Unfortunately, Nicollette wasn't able to make it, since she's out of town on a buying trip, but the shoot was still quite fun.  Last year, Six Six Sick won the magazine's Nightlife Award for Best New Party, and we're always very thankful to all the fabulous kids at Paper for their longtime support.  Much love to Mickey, Alexis, and Whitney, who organized the shoot.

Since we were supposed to chose our own clothes, we decided to wear the chain mail top we made a couple of months ago over our black American Apparel dresses and our YSL platforms. We're very happy to style ourselves, and we're also used to doing our own makeup, so it was a bit difficult handing control over, and we ended up being pretty bossy with the makeup artist.  Luckily, he was very obliging and patient, inspite of our demands for a totally tranny style face.  As Christina put it, "Pretend I'm a man, and make me into a woman."  I think it's safe to say that that has been our main Six Six Sick Girl style mantra since day one...

Jeffrey, the photographer.

Getting my makeup done.

Christina gets touched up.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday at the Showroom

Kiel Mead's amazing collection of sterling silver jewelry made for the Mischen SS09.

Like most people, I'm not a big fan of working on the weekend---especially after a long fashion week, which we finished at Le Royale, hosting Robot Rock with DNA Models Men's Division. And when it's a choice between one decent night's sleep, or frolicking around with beautiful, confused, pouty-lipped men who barely speak any English, well---what would you choose? Luckily, weekends at fiftytwo showroom are quite fun, and I took the few moments of downtime to play dress up in some of my favorite SS09 pieces, and play with Araks's adorable baby son.
The cutest male model of them all, Araks's son pouts for the camera.

Ashley, wearing a Mischen liquor cabinet printed top and knit skirt.

A rack of Mischen clothing that peaked buyer's interest.

 Araks jacket and satin parachute shorts, Lerario Beatriz top and headband, Kiel Mead silver necklace.

Mischen silk organza asymmetrical top, Araks satin parachute shorts, Kiel Mead silver necklace.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties...

LaViola Banks Gallery Opening with Dom, wearing Mischen leather jacket, Kate Moss for Topshop Dress, Gerard Yosca Necklace & Kiel Mead cuff.

Fashion week is finally over, although it will be market for the next month, which means that Is still won't be able to get any sleep until I leave for my honeymoon in two weeks. On Monday, I started freelancing at fiftytwo showroom representing all of their jewelry and accessories lines (more about that later), so I couldn't make it to many of the shows during the day except for Araks, who's beautiful line of lingerie and WRTW is represented by fiftytwo. Christina and Nicollette helped out at Richard Chai and Doo.Ri, and will soon be posting some backstage photos.

However, I did make some time for some parties. First off, thank you to everyone who came out on Tuesday night to support us, and a big thank you to Dom for lending us the AntoineDom shirts. Once again, they're now available at Oak as part of the bondage line.

Even though we were still hungover from Tuesday, we went out on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of one of my best friend's galleries on the Lower East Side. Allegra and I have known each other since kindergarten at Chapin, and now she has used her experience in the art world to open up LaViolaBank Gallery with her partner Michael Bank Christofferson, an expansive two story space lined with an impressive selection of American and Scandinavian contemporary artists. Afterwards, close friends ate dumplings and drank the rest of the night away at the cozy afterparty at Clandestino.

Yesterday night was even longer. Right after work, I threw on the acid yellow Mischen SS09 dress that I fell in love with at the show, and ran up to my friend Joseph Altuzarra's cocktail reception. Joseph is an old friend of mine from Swarthmore, who has worked at Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and most recently, designing under Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy. He's launching his first collection for SS09. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to publish any photos at the moment, but trust me, you'll be seeing a lot more of his name around, and Style.com already has dubbed him the "New Boy Wonder" in their feature on 22 to watch for Spring. I then ran down to Milk Studios, where there was an enormous line for The Last Magazine Party. The line was too long, so I picked up Ashley, and pregnant party mama Araks. Even though she just wrapped up an entire collection, has a young son, and another baby on the way, Araks was out, rocking some dangerous YSL platforms, and Araks SS09 clothes, naturally. What an inspiration. True party girls never retire. We then had a quick dinner at Bacaro, before stopping by for the Seven Party at Tribeca Grand. Too packed to be enjoyable, I left shortly to have the mandatory hour of QT with my husband, who I've seen way too little of this week. Now it's off to Le Royale for some Fashion Week wind down drinks. I'm looking forward to watching London from the comfort of my computer screen...

Birthdays are a Bitch. Nicolette wears a Screaming Mimi's dress; Christina wears a Barneys New York Dress, a Stella McCartney belt, and Marc Jacobs boots; I wear a Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit, a Rick Owens Sweater, a Prada miniskirt, and Marni heels.

Ashley at Bacaro, wearing a Mischen dress and a Lerario Beatriz headband.

At the Seven New York/Hint Magazine Party with Steven, wearing the yellow Mischen dress I borrowed from the showroom.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Leather Me Up...

Camilla Staerk is getting some major hype.  Moving her label Staerk to New York from London two seasons ago, she has quickly been making a name for herself stateside, and just opened her first store at 182 Mulberry Street.  On Sunday evening she presented her line at the Bumble and Bumble studios, where she displayed plenty of the noir themes that she is known for, rendered in a jet black, misty grey, and other moody hues.  Leather, as always, played a big role in Staerk's collection, and it seems that each season the designer's touch gets more refined.  While Spring '08 featured oversized jumpers lined with row upon row up fringe and sultry leather dresses, Fall '08's leather pieces got more body conscious, featuring a catwoman style leather halter bodysuit.  For Spring'09, we find Staerk at her most refined, showing delicate leather tank tops with strings of tiny bead cascading over the curves of an open back, in addition to some of the best leather skirts and dresses being shown on the catwalks.


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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sick Sick Savant

Yesterday night, Six Six Sick alum, Feng Feng Yeh presented Savant, her first collection of women's wear.  Nurtured in part by designer and fellow nightlife luminary Benjamin Cho, Feng Feng decided to pursue her own design ambitions after working on many of his shows, as well as doing interning stints at Calvin Klein and Narcisco Rodriguez.  Of course, I believe the final push was designing outfits every Tuesday night for Six Six Sick, and the results are all spectacular finished versions of things we would love to wear out at one of our nights.  If Martin Margiela had a feminine sister, this would be it.  The clothes were incredibly fashion forward, featuring a hot pink caged pencil skirt, and a set of ivory caged high waisted pants, which were two of my favorite pieces in the entire collection.  That said, I am a Six Six Sick Girl, and I have a feeling that few other women would be brave enough to wear something so completely revealing.  Even so, the majority of the collection is highly wearable, and retains a playful, figure-flattering sensibility.

The caged hot pink elastic high waisted pencil skirt, worn over a body shaper, and a white sleeveless shirt.

One of two playful rompers, here worn with an elastic harness top.

Six of the nine looks presented.
Post-show hugs with Feng Feng and David.  

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A Glimpse of Robert Geller

I've been looking forward to the Robert Geller show for a while, since it will probably be the only menswear show I'll get to squeeze in before I start working market week.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pictures, being that the husband wrangled the prime seats, and Ashley and I ended up in the back row somewhere, unwilling to climb over the masses of sticky boy-bodies that filled the room. For some reason, no matter how much air conditioning they can blast into a place, every show seems fated to be insufferably stuffy.  Nonetheless, I am always willing to sacrifice comfort for a bit of male-model pageantry, and it was only half way through the collection that Ashley and I realized that we should actually take a look at the clothing.  Thank god they handed out a lookbook, otherwise we might have missed the entire thing.  Not to downplay the clothing, which featured impeccably tailored suit jackets with a rakish riff-raff appeal and vests worn over bare chests to show off tattooed arms.  Think incredibly well-dressed tramp, or the no-good boys your mom always you to stay far far away from, which of course makes you want them even more.


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