Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Self Taught Learner

Jonas at my wedding, wearing vintage.  Photo by Jason Andrew

It's a given that Jonas Sundstrom is pretty nice to look at. Girls, gays, and even many heterosexual males, all swoon over his androgynous features. With bone structure built for modeling, Jonas just finished touring on Ryan McGinley's Roadtrip, and also recently wrapped a shoot for the Balenciaga Men's catalog. Be that as it may, Jonas's best traits are his complete joie de vivre, and the way he manages to translate everyday moments into elegiac poetry whenever he tells a story. I also love him because he managed to get back to New York from the Roadtrip just in time to DJ with Anton at my wedding. I've known Jonas for three years now, since he first arrived in New York from Sweden, and it would seem that nothing boring ever happens in his life, or maybe that's just the way he tells it. Some day I hope he will have time to write it all down, but in the meantime he's made a beautiful video with the lovely Tarynn Weihahn for Lissy Trullie's song, "Self Taught Learner."

If you would like to see more of Jonas, you can look for him in the Sigur Ros video for Globbledigook, also shot by Ryan McGinley.

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