Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Part Hamburglarer + Two Parts Marie Antoinette

When Christina happed upon this super ruffly pink fabric in the district, she immediately thought of the Comme des Garcon Fall 2008 show, which has served as the source of inspiration for 90% of our outfits lately. Originally put off by the expensive price tag (around $30/yard), she managed to find a 3 yard damaged piece (some of the ruffles had started coming off) which she picked up for a mere $10.

Comme des Garcons Fall 2008 RTW

We started by cutting the fabric into simple 2 1/2' x 1 1/2' rectangles, and sewed up the seems, leaving 2 slits open for armholes on the sides, and one slit open for a neckhole at the top.

Next, we tacked down the loose ruffles to prevent them from fraying any more, but left the remnants of the already frayed ends hanging off the dress to create a dishabille look, like the CDG show.

We originally intended on knotting up some twill tape to form a spider web around the dress, like the CDG look, but decided that it wasn't looking right, and opted to tie a simple ribbon belt around the waist, styling it more like a Chanel cocktail dress.

Still, the look didn't seem complete, so we finished by painting a mask around our eyes, which had the goofiness of the McDonald's Hamburglarer (a character that Rei Kawakubo would probably appreciate) while also evoking the mask that Kirsten Dunst wore as Marie Antoinette, another woman known for her love of frothy dresses.


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