Monday, August 18, 2008

Object To Be Destroyed

What do you do with a couple of yards of silver mesh, which has the texture and flexibility of a window screen (and feels just as comfortable against your skin)? While having just as much tactile appeal as steel wool, it's non-fraying quality made this new-ravey material ideal for cutting into fanciful shapes, and we quickly decided it would make a perfect silver cage dress. Unfortunately, the silver foil was only lightly fused to the black plastic backing, so, as the night wore on, the dress began to disintegrate into a tinsely mess; an all too common post-Six Six Sick wardrobe malfunction, but almost always an indicator of a wild night.

We started by folding the fabric into a quarter, and cutting out a jumper. The entire dress was cut out in one piece, with the front and back attached by the straps:

After the jumper was cut, we measured equal rows of squares across the front of the jumper:

We carefully cut out the squares, cutting through both the front and back side at the same time:

After all the dozens of squares were cut, we ran the side seems through the sewing machine:

We bunched together some of the remaining scraps to form some origami like starbursts, which we pinned in our hair:

We finished by throwing our silver jumpers over our black American Apparel dresses, and adding some thigh high fishnets and a fake Lanvin necklace purchased for $10 in the district.


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