Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'm a sucker for style

Ok, so I fell in love. At first sight. Or sale.

As most of you know, I'm the head buyer of Screaming Mimis, the most badass vintage store ever. Yesterday I was tending to our summer outpost in Montauk, a.k.a. Twin Peaks With a Beach, when my first customer of the day struck me with his boyish looks, surfer charm, and sickkk style. He had me with his baggy Levis cuffed up above his ankles to show off his beat-to-shit Ol' Skool Vans. (Jeans not unlike the only two pairs I own:)

I've always had a thing for boys who shop at my store, mostly since I buy for the store with my Dream Boy in mind. "What would he wear to our dream date? To the beach? To the Morrissey concert??" My ex-boyfriend really liked the selection we offered, and I met my alllllll-tiiiiiiime crush because he's been a customer of mine for years. It almost makes finding new crushes too easy!

My latest new bait to lure cute boys in the store is the VINTAGE WU TANG T-SHIRT that I styled on the boy mannequin in our current "L8R SK8R" window. gaggg!!! (So far, among the cute boys lured is my fellow 90s-centric grungy friend Eric Scholsberg who is the gay version of my Dream Boy. I guess that makes him my ULTIMATE Dream Boy.)

The surfer dream boat, left buying a rad baja pullover and a vintage rugby and stealing my heart.

xo, nicollette

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