Friday, August 22, 2008

Friendship Shoes Are Forever

L-R: Nicollette in Chloe, Tiffany in Marni, Ashley in Miu Miu, Feng Feng in YSL, Christina in YSL. Photo by Jason Andrew

It's funny that of the hundreds and hundreds of photos taken during my wedding last month, one of my favorite shots of all is of a bunch of feet. Or at least, the very well heeled feet of myself and my best friends. When we first started Six Six Sick, we began by acquiring as many pieces of matching clothing and accessories as we could, in the name of building similar wardrobes appropriate for composing our matching outfits each week. While we mainly make most of our own clothes, none of us have acquired cobbler skills (yet) and our first investment was a nice pair of matching "Friendship Shoes": 4-inch high black patent leather YSL gladiators for all! Unfortunately, designer shoes aren't necessarily made for out of control dancing, partying, general debauchery, etc., and within months, we had each managed to completely destroy our shoes beyond repair (have you ever tried to fix a shoe split in half?). Even though our original friendship shoes have teetered off to designer shoe heaven, we still remain a sorority of towering heels, much needed considering all of us hover around 5'1.

A few of my other favorite wedding photos:

I wore my mother's old wedding gown from Priscilla of Boston, and Chloe shoes. Jimmy wore a Marc Jacobs tuxedo. Photo by Jason Andrew

During the reception, I wore a Marc Jacobs dress, a YSL belt (gift of Feng Feng) and Marni shoes.  Photos by Jason Andrew


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