Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BABE-raham Lincoln

While stalling before getting my make up and Miu Mius on for our Wednesday night party (ROOM 3 at Marquee) , I felt jealous (and lazy) that the girls had already posted and I didn't. So here goes..

As fall fashion is already upon us and wardrobe overhauls have every 20-something in New York in a frenzy, I'm still trying to figure out my fall look. My late-summer look was "DUMPED" (sigh) which involved being an absolute all-around knock out around-the-clock. Long wild shiny hair,  Tia Carrere circa Wayne's World-esque lycra dresses (SCHWINGGG!!), heels after 8:00 pm, smoky come hither eyes, and most importantly, a good 'tude. 

But now that I'm coming out of the depths of The Break-Up (sigh), I feel the innate "Weird Art/Special Ed Teenage Girl" look re-surfacing. Today, for example: low side braid, gold beaded shoulder duster earrings, maroon-striped rugby buttoned all the way up, cuffed denim shorts, and black prairie boots.

I guess when you combine the two looks its "The Hottest Girl of the SpEd Program". I can do that. And do it well.

Its almost time to go to MARQUEE!! yayyyy!!!


xoxo, nicollette

p.s... did ya'll see my boobs on hahaha oh goddd

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